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To whom it may concern:

The following request is born from a strong need for an opportunity to continue with my education.

As a result of the pandemic and confinement, according to World Health Organization figures, mental health diseases and disorders have been the second cause of health problems worldwide, only after COVID-19, causing a severe international crisis with millions affected, where there is a shortage of psychiatrists and psychotherapists, and the rate of suicide and domestic violence is affecting humanity as never before, all this caused by social isolation, mobility restriction and reduction of physical contact, which represents an obstacle directly affecting and paralyzing a large part of human beings and significantly diminishing the collective and individual ability to think, express feelings, interact with other people, contribute to society and consequently enjoy a productive and fulfilling life.

From this perspective and from a deep call to contribute to solve the problem, a need was born in me to professionalize myself in order to provide a service in this field as soon as possible.

I am originally from the City of Querétaro, in Mexico, as well as my family. I feel lucky to be the daughter of a writer, researcher and journalist and having a mother who, in addition to being loving, spiritual and hardworking, has always been very talented both in several arts as well as in Pedagogy and Teaching, which led me to acquire and develop from a very young age a series of unique skills and experiences that now I can truly treasure and have become a fundamental part of my identity and my path in life.

Since I was a child I was exposed to all kinds of currents of thought and philosophies due to the field research on Sociology and Anthropology that my father carried out, which allowed me to know and live in very different parts of Mexico, providing me with the resources to acquire a wide spectrum of knowledge about the diversity of the human being and to be exposed to all kinds of cultural stimuli, such as traditions, customs, ideologies and realities in very diverse social contexts. This life story allowed me to explore activities such as writing, in which I have been involved in the development of cultural journals and in the creation of educational and research centers, leading me to start my work as a journalist 14 years ago and, since 2011 I started to also get involved in activities related to Literature and Arts as well.

At the age of 15, by observing the teaching system in basic education that my mother developed by providing in-home tutoring and emotional therapy to several generations of children, I began to teach and also provide in-home tutoring and test preparation in several subjects to students from all school grades, applying a system that nowadays, 17 years later, I continue implementing and using it effectively in various workshops and courses.

In 2011 I obtained a degree in Modern Languages in English, which gave me the opportunity to specialize in Applied Linguistics, Philology and Translation, which led me to deepen in other fields of study and research, such as Cognitive Linguistics, such as Neurolinguistics, Psycholinguistics, Sociolinguistics, Speech Analysis, Human Learning Processes and Knowledge Acquisition. As part of my professional experience, I have also had the opportunity to collaborate in several journals from UNAM, with translations of research in topics such as Anthropology, Pedagogy, Sociology, Psychology and Medical fields.

In 2016, I was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome, a congenital developmental condition that is included within the Autism Spectrum Disorders, discovered just only in 1981, which allows me to have high functioning skills in academic and cognitive areas, however, in social and labor areas it has caused me situations of discrimination and isolation. Since then, based on my individual experience and combined with my professional field, I aimed myself to apply pedagogical and therapeutical techniques through language systems to identify people with this condition and create methodologies that help them to explore and develop skills for life. in the field of Autism Spectrum Disorders, where I have had the opportunity to successfully support in several cases, especially children and adolescents, to overcome the challenges represented by having a personal way of life different from that of individuals with neurotypical perception, providing tools for daily, academic, work and social life, which has allowed them to successfully join the community in an inclusive way, in the same way that I have been able to do it. Additionally, I am currently in the creation and development of a manual on this topic made for people who are in this situation.

Ten years ago, I began my independent life in Mexico City, where in addition to acquiring much of my professional experience as a teacher, linguist, and translator, I also had the opportunity to broaden my horizon in the fields of arts, culture and pedagogy, through the delivery of workshops and courses in different institutions and organizations.

During the confinement I have also had the chance to prepare myself in psychological crisis intervention to provide accompaniment through individual sessions and by attending support groups for people who are facing grief processes derived from the pandemic and, for a year I have also been involved in psychological and philosophical research. Through the study of Psychoanalysis where I have had the opportunity to participate as a speaker at the Seminar on Epistemological Matters of Psychology at UNAM and, as well as a listener at the Psychoanalysis Seminar of Dr. Patricia Corres. Recently, I have also held a presentation at the School of Psychology of UNAM Campus Iztacala, a well-known institution specialized in the study and research in Health Sciences, with the topic of “Ethics and Psychology of Cultural Groups”.

Due to the aforementioned, I am seeking to professionalize myself deeper in these issues combining my own experience, with the aim of acquiring the necessary theoretical and practical tools through Psychology and specifically in Psychoanalysis to achieve this objective and facilitate this research and material to people who need it and to offer them a better quality of life.

Over the last few years I realized my passion for understanding the processes of human behavior, as well as the psyche, both from the anthropological perspective and from the biological and social point of view, first intuitively as a mean to know myself and as a result to be able to help others in their own process, for which I continue on my way to acquire the best theoretical and practical tools to be able to contribute through research and clinical application to be part of a solution that today I consider fundamentally necessary for the moment that human kind is going through.

At the beginning of this year I sent an application to join the Master’s Degree in Psychoanalysis at the Eleia Educational Center, specialized in Psychology, and which has the most numerous master’s and doctorate degrees in Latin America in the psychological field and the first in Mexico to have recognition of the SEP, chaired by Dr. Marta Puig, in addition to the scientific direction of Drs. Norberto Bleichmar and Celia Leiberman, renowned psychiatrists and psychoanalysts with extensive experience.

Last February, I had an interview with the Academic Director of the institution, Dr. Gabriel Espíndola, who among his various activities, was in charge of coordinating the Psychiatry residency at the «Ramón de la Fuente Muñiz» Mexican National Institute of Psychiatry, who I exposed to my intention to continue with my education in the cognitive and anthropological field, in the same way I presented an essay of the work «El Llano en Llamas» by Juan Rulfo through the linguistic and psychological analysis of both the characters and the author.

As a result of this interview, in addition to being accepted by the institution, they offered me 60% scholarship, which represents a monthly cost of $4,550 pesos ($216 USD) in addition to the semester registration of the same amount, (which can be deposited directly to the institution in order to deduct taxes), to study a Master in Psychoanalysis. By merit of previous knowledge and experience, I was also offered of being able to join the faculty teaching team in the Bachelor of Psychology BA once the first year of the master’s degree was finished, in addition to perform as a Psychotherapist in the course of a year, working in the community clinic of the same institution and immediately exempt subjects related to the cognitive and humanities area of which I already have extensive experience and practice.

Once I was accepted in the Master’s Degree, I also looked for options to be able to pay for my registration and tuition and, at the beginning of this year 2021, with the aim of having economical resources for the aforementioned purpose, I participated in the recent call for «Education for Economic Autonomy Pilares» from the Ministry of Education, Science, Technology and Innovation of CDMX, with a project of «Inclusive Educational Digital Platforms», unfortunately my project was not selected, but it continues as a proposal for any institution that can support it.

For this reason and due to my current lack of employment situation, I request support, either through a sponsorship, a scholarship, a job or participation in a project, in order to have the necessary financial resources to pay for and continue my studies, through one or more sponsors or through an institution. In return I commit myself to deliver the progress of the resulting projects and the commitment to obtain highly satisfactory grades.

I have already done two introductory courses independently, including the preparatory course corresponding to the Master’s in Psychoanalysis. The supporting documents and my resume are attached. My field of research will be related to the language part, in the theoretical and, in the communication part, cognitive perception in the clinical aspect.

This will give me the opportunity not only to continue with my education but to provide therapeutic service in a professional way and develop research in Mexico in very poorly integrated fields such as Psychoanalysis, Linguistics, Asperger’s Syndrome and Autism.

I have the firm intention and conviction to get as deep as possible in this field and I know it will be a long way, but without a doubt very satisfying both personally and professionally, but above all with the aim of contributing through this project to human progress.

In return, I am keen to provide a professional service, course or workshop in exchange for what is mentioned in this application as a work exchange to obtain a scholarship. I remain attentive to any response and I reiterate my commitment to humanistic scientific research and advancement at the service of education.

Maria Natividad Félix Martínez

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